Suppliers of High End HiFi and Audio Equipment

We have over a quarter of a century's experience building high quality hifi systems. We prefer to work by appointment only to accommodate whatever schedule our customers may have and to build an exacting system or component that brings the joy of refined musicality into their homes.

Adagio in dark cherry version shown in 3/4 perspective  2006 Loudspeaker of the Year

High End HiFi and Audio Dealer

Whether your budget is £4,000 or £40,000 we will build a superior, high performance matched and balanced audio system. Hifidelity Audio are experienced dealers in high end hifi equipment, from some of the better hifi suppliers in the world. We stock an extensive product range including amplifiers, preamps, interconnect and other cables from the likes of Acoustic Zen, Accustic Arts, Aesthetix, Audio Analogue, Edge, GamuT, Graaf, Manley, Opera-Consonance, Pathos, Unison Research, Vincent Audio and loudspeakers from Acoustic Zen, Elac, GamuT Audio, Jean Marie Reynaud, Opera and Triangle - to name but a few.

Accustic Arts DAC and Transport  Accustic Arts DAC and Transport -
 World's First 32-bit/384MHz DAC

Loudspeakers - Amplifiers - Cables

We have over 25 years experience in the high fidelity music business and can configure a hifi system to your exact requirements, whether you need a loudspeaker upgrade, a tuned valve amplifier, quality interconnects and loudspeaker cables replacements, or simply want a phenomenal sound system.

Quality Hifidelity Equipment

We are aware that the purchasing of quality high fidelity audio equipment can be a complicated and stressful process. We are here to make this easy, we supply only what we know to be the best in the field.

Look out for our Heathrow Hifi Show report, due soon.

We provide a truly professional audio service for the discerning audiophile. Please call 01480 216039 or email us to arrange your personal consultation.